Lucent Oil – Working for a better environment
Lucent Oil is working for a better environment by offering process solutions for cleaning and recovering oils. The company’s strength is our ability to custom tailor process solutions for the oil industry using a combination of surface and thermo-mechanical technologies. We have three business areas – industrial oils, oil recovery and chemical-separation additives.

Industrial oils

The business area Industrial Oils includes equipment and process solutions for the continuous cleaning and re-circulation of process oils used in manufacturing industries.

Oil Recovery

The business area Oil Recovery encompasses the methods, proc- esses and equipment capable of separating and recovering oils from sources of low-quality oils.

Chemical Products

Lucent Oil develops its own Chemical Products for the process and oil industries. Products include oil and water cleaning, chemicals, demulsifiers and environmentally safe degreasers.


Lucent Oil operates since 2008 a facility for treatment of waste oil, where the company’s technology and chemicals is tested and used. Read more on Oy Phoenix Collector here.

The company BL Lucent AB is an subsdiary for Lucent Oil. The company sells and markets oil purification systems. Read more on Boll-Lucent here.

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