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Business Idea

Lucent Oil specializes in surface and thermo-mechanical separation technology. The company develops and markets oil-cleaning processes and customized functional chemicals – products that improve the customers’ productivity and lower their costs while at the same time reducing the environmental impact from the processes.


Our vision is to be the customer’s obvious partner on issues involving petroleum, such as cleaning, oil recovery and the environment.


The mission is to become a leader in the area of functional chemicals, processes, and equipment for oil cleaning/recovery and the environment. Moreover, our aim is to grow both organically and through strategic acquisitions of other companies ripe for improvements in effectiveness via our cutting-edge competency.


Our customers are active within our three business areas: Industrial Oils, Oil Recovery and Chemicals Products.

Industrial Oils
The customers are companies within steel and manufacturing industries as well as power plants. By employing the company’s oil cleaning processes, the customers recognize increased productivity and a marked reduction in rejected materials. Additionally, we can minimize the disposal costs they are incurring for their environmentally harmful residue oils.

Oil Recovery
Our customers are companies that are drilling, transporting and handling, and processing mineral oils, including among others, oil companies, refineries, pipeline operators, dock facilities, shipping companies, tankers and environmental companies. By using the company’s oil cleaning processes, environmentally harmful and low-quality oils are converted to useable and economically valuable resources.

Chemicals Products
Our customers are companies in the processing and oil industries that require environmentally safe chemicals products for: oil cleaning, demulsifying, lubricating, water purification as well as general cleaning uses.

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