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Enviromental friendly cleaning liquids

Lucent Oil’s environmentally friendly cleaning fluids are highly concentrated water-based degreasers for cleaning oily surfaces and machine parts. The products are self-spjäklande ?? decomposing, which allows for self-separation from the water with all types of oils after the cleaning processes.

Product properties

  • Highly concentrated, diluted with water 10-25 to 1 before using.
  • All-purpose degreaser for  machine rooms.
  • Cleaning of oily surfaces and machine parts.
  • Suitable for ultrasound washes.
  • Self-decomposing spjäklande?? after cleaning.

The first picture shows an oil stain on a surface. The Cleaning in Place degreaser is sprayed on the stain. The second picture shows the stain directly after spraying. The third picture shows the stain seconds later, when the degreaser has dissolved the stain. Then it is possible to remove the stain with a rag, as shown in the last picture.

Lucent Oils environmentally-friendly cleaners

Article number
Product name Application
LC-CP-10 Cleaning Product 10 All-purpose cleaning of decks on ships (machine room and car/truck and freight decks).
LC-CP-16 Cleaning Product 16 Disk cleaner for lubrication-oil separator.
LC-CP-100 Cleaning Product 100 Super concentrated from CP 10.
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