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Lucent Oil AB is a Clean Tech group of companies which designs and builds proprietary processes that combines surface chemistry and thermo-mechanical separation technology. The company strives to offer unique market and competitive processes and performance chemicals in the field of environmental engineering, oil treatment and oil recovery. In addition to offering our market processes the techniques and knowledge are used in the subsidiary Oy Ltd. Phoenix Collector's manufacturing plant in Hamina, Finland.

The company operates in three main areas:

  • Treatment of Industrial oils: The process Ultra Clean Oil (UCO) treats proceses in closed circulated system by surface chemistry and thermo-mechanical treatment. Process oils are in the industrial-, paper industry, fleets of locomotives, coaches, trucks and ships.
  • Oil Recovery: Lucent Oil's processes makes it possible to upgrade downgraded oils into products that substitute new oil. The technique is suitable for example, recycling stations (MARPOL), refiners and oil producers. The company also offers water treatment, as an integral part of the solution process, for purifying the contaminated water resulting from the purification / recovery of oil from emulsions and residual oils.
  • Specialty Chemicals: The Company has chemical products specially designed and tailored to the company's processes for the purification of oils, recycling / cleavage of emulsions and purification of highly polluted water from oil recovery processes.

Common to the three areas is recreate and regenerate oils that are classified as waste by surface chemistry and thermo-mechanical treatment.

The company intends to grow both organically and through acquisitions of businesses in which Lucent Oil's technology and expertise can add value.

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