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The business area Industrial Oils include the processes, equipment and chemical products for various oil-related applications used in steel mills, manufacturing industries and power plants. The business area’s primary application is its own Ultra Clean Oil-system (UCO-system), which when used with functionally adapted chemicals, is able to remove from process oils particles smaller than 1 µm. The UCO-system is markeded by Boll-Lucent AB.

To see a demonstration of the UCO-system, please view our film.


Click on "PLAY" to start the film.


A lower resolution version of the film can be downloaded here (6 MB)

The higher resolution version is here (35 MB)


Read more about the UCO-system in the attachment below.

Download this file (Technical description UCO-Module.pdf)Technical description UCO-Module.pdf[English version]130 Kb20/04/2010 12:00
Download this file (Teknisk Beskrivning UCO-Modul.pdf)Teknisk Beskrivning UCO-Modul.pdf[Swedish version]158 Kb20/04/2010 11:55
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