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Chemical products
Lucent Oil develops and markets special chemicals for a number of applications within the process and oil industries. The following are some of our products.



Demulsifiers are used for to remove water in oil emulsions – by destabilizing the emulsions they insure the separation of water and salts from the oil. These products are useful for oil recovery and for removing water from low-quality sources of oil, such as marine slop oil.

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Oil-Cleaning products

Oil-cleaning products facilitate the separation of particles down to sub-micron in size (less than 1 µm) and the removal of contaminating liquids from process oils. The process oils are in new condition after using our oil-cleaning products.

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Water cleaning products

Lucent Oil offers chemical additives for cleaning water in a number of applications:

  • Separation of oil from water for marine, oil-field and power plant applications.
  • Cleaning the water in carwashes.
  • Cleaning degreasing baths contaminated with metal stearates.

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Synthetic lubricants are used, for example, at the drawing bench in steel wire drawing mills to give the wire’s surface an optimal finish.

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Environmental cleaning liquids

Lucent Oil’s highly effective degreasing liquid is an environmentally safe water-based product for cleaning oily surfaces and machine parts.

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Contact us for more information about our chemical products. We test and analyze customer samples to be able to provide solutions specifically tailored to their needs.

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